Bronze Medallion Course

Kawana Waters Surf Life Saving Club runs a number of Bronze Medallion courses each season for people over the age of 15. There is no upper age limit and we regularly have participants into their sixties so this really is a course suitable for anyone, male and female, interested in becoming a lifesaver and making a massive difference to the safety of our Kawana Waters community.

If you are under the age 15 but over the age of 13 you can still be a lifesaver. That course runs at the same time as the Bronze Medallion and is called 'Surf Rescue Certificate'. Another prerequisite is that you need to complete an unaided 400 metre swim (goggles/masks permitted) in nine minutes or less, in a 25 metre or over pool which will be observed prior to the candidate undertaking any water training or assessment activities. However, if you don't make the nine minutes on the initial swim, swim training is provided on a weekly basis at Kawana Aquatic Centre between 5.30pm and 6.30pm on a Wednesday to improve your technique and ultimate time.

The course runs over an eight week period and focuses on training future lifesavers in swim fitness rescue techniques, CPR, radio communications and much more.

The next course commences on Tuesday 7th August 2018.

There are also many other benefits of being an active member here at Kawana. Such as:

  • Free group fitness classes from a military specialist twice a week (self-paced)
  • Free annual training of CPR
  • Free annual training of Advanced Resuscitation Techniques
  • Free First Aid Certificate training
  • Expert support in your career choices based on a deeper understanding of who you are
  • Free swim training once a week (pool fee excluded)
  • Free annual membership to Kawana RSL
  • Access to leadership development programs
  • Access to instructor accreditations
  • Access to Sports Coach training
  • A sense of fulfillment knowing you are making a positive difference to peoples’ lives (even your own)

If you are interested or have any questions please fill in the form below and we'll get back in contact with you. Or please feel free to call the club on 5444 8642.